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Taking care of the skin has never been so easy, effective and delicious for our face as with SKIN'S RESTAURANT, the first certified organic, natural and vegan cosmetic brand based on the nutricosmetics of the gastronomic diet.

The perfect routine

for your skin care

If your diet is based on 5 meals, why should your skin only be fed once a day?

Give your skin what it needs at every moment of the day.

Don’t give up caring for the planet

to feed your skin.

Our new refill containers allow:

  • Easy storage
  • Cheaper transport
  • Packaging reduction
  • Minimize the carbon footprint


All our products are made with more than 97% natural, organic and vegan products.


Our products are not tested on animals according to European standards.


All our formulas are certified by ACENE, a natural, vegan and organic product certifier.


We constantly invest in R & D to improve and offer new products.


Leading the future of cosmetics


At Skin's Restaurant we are committed to total transparency. That is why our INCI list specifies the natural or BIO origin of each of the ingredients


At Skin's Restaurant we formulate, manufacture, fill and pack our products. In this way, we assure you that you will always have the best products at the best price.


Many products that are sold online as Spanish products come from other countries and even from different continents. However, all Skin's Restaurant products are manufactured entirely in Spain. In Alcoy, to be exact.


Certified Green Energy of 100% renewable origin is used for all manufacturing processes, contributing to protecting the environment. Furthermore, all of our packaging can be fully recycled.


track Record of R&D

What is a vegan, natural or organic product?

Nowadays, it is trendy to say that a product is Vegan, Natural or even BIO. But most consumers, and even some brands, are unaware of what each term means.

According to ACENE:

A product is BIO when it contains 99% of natural origin or products of animal origin and 22% (or more) of certified organic origin.

A product is NATURAL when all ingredients are of natural and mineral origin.

A Product is VEGAN when it does not contain any product or by-product of animal origin. In addition, to be considered Vegan by ACENE, it must be natural or BIO.

If you are looking for Vegan, Natural or BIO products, take a good look at the information provided by the manufacturer brand because you will find many surprises...

What does it mean for a product to be certified?

In the market, you can find many cosmetic products that claim to be natural, vegan and ecological everywhere. But it is not always true. At Skin's Restaurant, we are totally and committed to transparency. The best way to do this is for our formulas to be certified by a natural, vegan and organic product certifier. This is why all our products are certified by ACENE

What is the ACENE / BIO certification?

A product will be considered BIO (ACENE/BIO)  when 99% of the total ingredients are of natural origin, including water or products of mineral origin and have a minimum of 22% of certified organic origin in its formulation. Under no circumstances will raw materials, products, or by-products that have been tested on animals be accepted. (See ACENE user guide)

What is the ACENE / NAT certification?

It will be considered a NATURAL product (ACENE / NAT) when all ingredients are of natural and mineral origin, including water. Under no circumstances will raw materials, products or by-products that have been tested on animals be accepted. (See ACENE user guide)

What is the ACENE / VEGAN certification?

A product will be considered VEGAN (ACENE / VEGAN) when the total formulation is vegetable or mineral and does not contain any product or by-product of animal origin. Of course, they have not been tested on animals, or their overexploitation is used. You must meet one of the two previous ACENE / NAT or ACENE / BIO certificates for this certification. (See ACENE user guide)




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Quality control is our commitment;

innovation is our vocation.

Every day more and more cosmetic brands appear online. Some have proven quality and certified and transparent origin. But many others are not. Wouldn't you like to be sure that the products you buy are made by that serious companies?

TAll skinsrestaurant.com products are manufactured in Spain by OEM SPAIN, a laboratory awarded for Best Business Project and Best Trajectory by the European Center for Innovative Companies (CEEI) and the Valencian Institute of Competitiveness. Clients from 70 countries use our products, manufactured under our exclusive SAFE22716 quality protocol, which, apart from exhaustively complying with the UNE EN ISO 22716: 2007 standard of good manufacturing practices (GMP), adds cost-monitoring measures of particular relevance that provide higher security to the products offered to our customers.

Three generations dedicated to results-based cosmetic manufacturing since 1965.

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